Client Corner

9212 Data prides itself on developing original automated tools which assist in the real-time data collection and analysis of participants' survey responses, thereby shaving critical hours and days off total project timeline.

Materiality Assessment Tool

Materiality assessments are intended to mobilize both internal and external stakeholder engagement to identify the sustainable development (economic, environmental, and social) topic most relevant to their decision-making. The procedure, is intended to explore/rationalize organizational behavior and operations, and is often the first step towards transparent data reporting practices.

Social Network Analysis Tool

Social Network Analysis quantitatively investigates social structures within an organization, community, or stakeholder group to understand inherent power dynamics, trust-based relationships, flow of accountability, and inequality based on access to resources. In a community, results can identify sources of systemic poverty and realign positive feedback loops to yield sustainable development. In an organization, results can identify reasons behind poor employee morale, leadership miscommunications and reset a trust-based work culture.

Carbon Footprinting Tool (Coming soon)

Carbon footprinting is the simplest way to reduce an organization’s environmental impact, by quantifying its supply chain or policy behavior through GHG or CO2 emission-equivalent. Knowing one’s footprint assists in cost-recovery, market positioning, and compliance through carbon credits and aligning with green growth industries, e.g. renewable energy.