Stakeholder Engagement

Integrating the voice of stakeholders in decision-making critical to recognizing and resolving material issues.

Beneficiary Assessment

Beneficiary assessments are conducted to appreciate the unique characteristics, needs, and preliminary views of a target population intended to benefit from policy or program results, thereby improving the impact of development efforts and its ongoing political feasibility. Assessments are pursued to increase beneficiaries' level of participatory governance and accountability.

Delphi Technique

The Delphi Technique is based on the principle that collective wisdom which is peer-reviewed for scientific clout holds higher weight than individual responses to the same question. It has been used to source highly curated intelligence from a panel of experts in order to achieve consensus or categorically stable responses, approached to gather data about a specific topic.

Materiality Assessment

Materiality assessments are intended to mobilize both internal and external stakeholder engagement to identify the sustainable development (economic, environmental, and social) topic most relevant to their decision-making. The procedure, is intended to explore/rationalize organizational behavior and operations, and is often the first step towards transparent data reporting practices.

Needs Analysis/Scoping Study

A scoping study or needs analysis is based on stakeholders' responses to the environment in which they live, in order to identify any possible community development or individual consumer's unmet needs. The level of priority assigned to these needs justifies the scope of organizational behavior and its projects. This assessment is typically carried out prior to project inception.

Workshop Planning

Workshops are an effective tool to engage stakeholders in collectively troubleshooting and designing reactive solutions to a common development problem. They can also provide critical updates and training on current circumstances and management of future issues which arise. An effective and efficient workshop mobilizes a system's approach, multi-dimensional methodologies, and harnesses the stakeholders' own unique strengths, individually and as a community.