Sustainable Development Expertise

Providing deep expertise of implementation literature, tools, and methodologies in pursuit of sustainable development dimensions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Released in 2015 by the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals are 17 globally-agreed goals, with 169 individual targets to cover economic, environmental, and social issues. Success depends on addressing their interdependencies through system efforts integrating multi-level actors. Current regulation in private industry is anchored by the SDGs and have yielded long-term financial benefit by rewarding early compliance and innovation.

Green Economy

Green economy or green growth is economic activity designed to produce sustainable financial and social benefits without natural resource degradation. While the environment renews cyclically, risk exists when consumption exceeds regeneration rates - therefore examples of green growth are renewable energy, social entrepreneurship, diligent supply chain management, and low-carbon activity. In principle, all businesses have the capacity to shift towards green growth operations.

Inclusive Social Participation

Inclusive social participation is the political application of the sustainable development adage, "no one left behind", which encourages the productive, tolerant, distributive and empowered participation of traditionally disenfranchised populations including, rural, differently-abled, women, youth, and low-SES. Active solutions include social entrepreneurship, micro-loans/climate finance, political training, and mainstreaming policies, all to alleviate inequality.

Program Implementation

Program implementation is vital to national and regional development policy planning, involving integrative systems analysis, needs analysis, stakeholder engagement, and follow-up and review in order to produce sustainable impacts who are reliable, transparent, and accountable. Most effective implementation efforts rely on committed partnerships between private and public sector.