Data for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is characterized by intergenerational equity and deliberate humanity for our present and future. As governments increasingly insist on beneficial organizational and corporate practices, early adoption of precautionary measures can ensure smoother industry compliance by establishing well, a system of transparent and accountable impact data.

9212 Data (9212 Data LLC) is a Limited Liability Company with worldwide presence, working with international organizations, NGOs, research think tanks, academic institutions, governments, and private sector companies to provide cutting-edge literature, tools, and methodologies steeped in sustainable development data science/analytics to facilitate industry compliance and successful implementation of governance, policy, and programs.

The 9212 Data team derives from a variety of industries including: psychology, business management, law, IT, data analytics, environmental engineering, public policy management and governance. We take a collaborative learning approach by partnering with a broad network of experts to develop a culture of mutual benefit and risk-taking to yield high-value, efficient results. Our operational signature is speed - by keeping the core small, we successfully develop targeted multi-dimensional integrative solutions to resolve most business and economic development problems.

Our Mission

Mitigating harmful social and environmental impacts by developing organizational capacity to monitor policies and practices through reliable, transparent, and accountable data management systems tailored to their scope.

The Value

Sustainable development today. For a better tomorrow.

Established in 2018, SustaInc is a certified sustainability reporting joint-venture between and headed by Irene Ng Sega and Nina Arden, possessing relevant versatile and multicultural experiences, with a combined vast repertoire of knowledge and skillsets to provide clients with relevant and fresh perspectives in developing their sustainability practices, compliant with reporting requirements.

The team has fluencies in English, Mandarin, German, and French, with regional specializations across United States, Asia & the Pacific, and Central & Eastern Europe.

Contact at [email protected] for your organizational needs.

The 9212 Data Team

Our network of international experts spans across the globe, specializing in the various thematic areas and implementation methodologies comprising sustainable development.

Hani Aridi

Consultant - Sustainability Governance